I’m Dan Dell’uomo. (That means ‘Dan the Man‘ in Italian.)

I’m a health writer, wellness coach, and personal trainer with an MS in physiology. I’m also a software developer. But mostly I’m an expert in the loss of fat.

I was fat for two years. (Not voluntarily.) One sunny day, I decided to devote all my willpower to getting skinny. I quickly lost fifty pounds.

That was eight years ago. It changed my life. I went from fat, bitter, and irritable, to skinny, bitter, and irritable. But I felt much healthier and way more self-confident. I’ve weighed about the same ever since.

I didn’t follow any weight-loss advice. Good thing. Years later, I realized most of it is ineffective, unscientific, and just plain wrong.

So I took a crack at it. For the past four years, I’ve been researching and writing a book. But mostly researching—poring over the primary literatures of nutrition, metabolism, physiology, exercise physiology, biochemistry, pathology, psychology, epidemiology, obesity research, and anthropology—and stitching insights from a plethora of fields into a more effective approach to weight loss.

Pending a few edits, the book is basically done. But apparently you need a “web presence” in today’s non-fiction book market.

So here we are.