The Myth of “Healthy Foods”

  Forget super — no food is even universally “good.” As in, good for everyone, in large amounts. Not one. Show me any food on Earth. I’ll show you a surprising number of people...

Satiety: Why People Get Fat

A better way to think about weight control

In the land of body weight, satiety is king. ‘Satiety’ is science-talk for feeling full. Satiety is caused by eating food. Information about the amount of food in your...

White Potatoes: The Best Food on Earth

A strong case for eating more—not fewer—spuds

white potatoes
No edible plant has a more foul reputation than the white potato. Scorned, spat on, uttered in the same breath as pizza and candy, nearly banned from school...

In Defense of Carbs

Proof that carbs aren't fattening

Word association. Carbs. First thing that comes to mind. What is it? (Don't worry, this is a safe place.) Cutting carbs? Low-carb? Carbs are fattening? It's time to forget everything you...

Why Cholesterol Is Harmless

Putting an old myth to rest

eggs shaped like hearts
You really can’t trust official nutrition advice. You know this. Case in point: cholesterol. We can learn a lot from cholesterol. They scolded you about it for decades. How...